Alaska Regional Collaboration for Innovation and Commercialization Program

An Office of Naval Research initiative

The Alaska Regional Collaboration for Technology Innovation and Commercialization (ARCTIC) is a collaboration designed to promote commerce and partnerships between Alaska and the Arctic and Pacific regions through advancements in energy through resiliency research, technology development/deployment and education.

The ARCTIC Program is an Office of Naval Research (ONR) Initiative and through their support the ARCTIC project partners are able to promote partnerships with Arctic and Pacific nations for the open exchange of technology advancements and educational activities. The current ONR ARCTIC funding is focused on Energy Resiliency.

The core mission of ARCTIC is to build capacity and support a thriving economy, centered on expertise in the energy sector, and related areas of emphasis (i.e. food, water).

The partners hope to build human resource capacity and industrial capabilities in energy and resiliency through promoting commerce and partnerships in the Arctic and Pacific regions and advancing resource technology (energy, food, water, waste management) education, research, development, demonstration, and deployment.

This includes fostering relationships between world-leading U.S. research institutions; advancing U.S. economic base by providing technologies that meet Arctic and Pacific needs; and promoting Arctic and Pacific region talent development and education (certificate to advanced degrees) through these activities, ARCTIC promotes partnerships with Arctic and Pacific nations for the open exchange of technology advancements and educational opportunities.

ARCTIC foundational pillars

The ARCTIC project was modeled off the successful ONR initiative: Asia-Pacific Technology and Education Partnership (APTEP).

APTEP promotes commerce and partnerships in the Asia-Pacific region through advancements in alternative energy research, technology development and education.

ARCTIC is based on three fundamental pillars of Education & Workforce - Research & Technology - Business & Market Place

ARCTIC pillars Education & Workforce - Research & Technology - Business & Market Place

Education & Workforce

  • K-12 Outreach - Develop outreach programs for K-12 Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) to promote and sustain interest in STEM.
  • Vocation Training
  • Enhanced educational curricula supporting entrepreneurship and sustainable energy programs.
  • Undergrad Degrees and Internships

Expand and educate the next generation energy workforce by linking energy education, energy research, and industry.


  • Research, develop and evaluate technologies applicable to Alaska and Arctic region.
  • Promote sustainability through alternative energy research, technology development.
  • Investments in energy and resiliency testbed sites across the State result in translational solutions

Promote and advocate for overall regional resiliency through research, technology development/deployment and talent development in energy and other key interconnected areas, including water and food.


  • Technology Commercialization.
  • Public-Private partnerships
  • Increased manufacturing.
  • Effective marketing/promotion of U.S. energy and resiliency technologies.
  • An open and effective marketplace for all international energy and sustainability technologies and products.

Advance a stronger culture of entrepreneurship and innovation through Arctic and Pacific nations through the promotion and sharing of scientific and technological advancements in energy and resiliency.

Capacity pipeline

capacity pipeline

Collectively, the ARCTIC partners, can conduct research, spur innovation, commercialize technology, incubate and accelerate technology, assist private sector firms, deliver talent development curriculum, engage with industry to identify new research initiatives, and therefore, continue to advance new research and ideas that strengthens Alaska’s economy, builds long-term value, creates sustainable jobs and business opportunities for Alaskans, and attracts new investment and businesses to the state.

Enhancing and growing the next generation workforce and communities in Alaska and the Arctic.

Participating members

Alaska Center for Energy and Power (ACEP) logo

Alaska Center for Energy and Power (ACEP)

University of Alaska Fairbanks’ Alaska Center for Energy and Power

Developing practical, cost-effective energy solutions for Alaska and beyond.

UAA Business Enterprise Institute (BEI) logo

UAA Business Enterprise Institute (BEI)

University of Alaska Anchorage’s Business Enterprise Institute

Supporting business and entrepreneurial capacities across Alaska by linking economic development programs

Center ICE logo

Center ICE

University of Alaska Fairbanks’ Center for Innovation, Commercialization, and Entrepreneurship

Supporting the commercialization & deployment of new technology.

Launch Alaska logo

Launch Alaska

A business accelerator investing in scalable startups in food, water, transportation, and energy.

Accelerating the Resource Revolution

Renewable Energy Alaska Project (REAP) logo

Renewable Energy Alaska Project (REAP)

Coalition of large and small Alaska utilities, businesses, conservation and consumer groups, Alaska Native organizations, and municipal, state and federal entities with an interest in developing Alaska’s vast renewable energy resources.

Advancing Clean Energy in Alaska