2019 UAF ARCTIC Program Review

Feburary 2019 ACEP hosted an ONR review team for the current and future ONR projects at ACEP. The following is an agenda summary with links to presentations as PDFs.

bundle of all presentations & agenda

ONR Review Team: Michele Anderson, Michael Resner, Steve Glotzhober, Office of Naval Research (ONR)

Thursday, February 14’th

Location: ACEP Conference Room 403, 4th Floor ELIF

9:00 am Introductions, Goals for Visit, Review Agenda

9:30 am Broader ARCTIC Program Overview

10:00 am Power Systems Integration Program: Technology Analysis, Development & Testing

The PSI team report on progress to date under ONR 1, and review proposed work plan for ONR 2.

12:00 pm Working Lunch

2:00 pm Solar Efficacy in Alaska

2:45 pm Data Portal Management System

3:30 pm Field Deployment

4:00 pm Discussion/Feedback/Comments

5:00 pm Adjourn

Friday, February 15’th

Location: ACEP Conference Room 403, 4’th Floor ELIF

9:00 am Student Engagement and Workforce Development

10:30 am UAA Business Enterprise Institute

11:00 am Energy Economics and Policy

12:00 pm Video Dispatches from the Field (Amanda Byrd)

12:15 pm Working Lunch

1:30 pm Center ICE (UAF Office of Intellectual Property and Commercialization)

3:00 pm OneTree Alaska

3:30 pm Discussion/Feedback/Comments

4:00 pm Energy Technology Facility Tour

5:00 pm Adjourn