Participating Partners in ARCTIC

Alaska Center for Energy and Power (ACEP) logo

Alaska Center for Energy and Power (ACEP)

University of Alaska Fairbanks’ Alaska Center for Energy and Power

Developing practical, cost-effective energy solutions for Alaska and beyond.

ACEP is dedicated to applied energy research and testing focused on lowering the cost of energy throughout Alaska and developing economic opportunities for the State, its residents, and its industries.

  • Resiliency research - research is focused on community and industry-scale power generation, transmission, heating, and transportation fuels.
    • Microgrids, energy storage, solar.
  • Laboratory:
    • Development & testing of power systems and tools.
    • Power System Integration Lab (PSI lab) facilitates integration testing with power levels and system architectures relevant to typical Alaska rural power plants–from generation to storage to distribution and control.
  • Education & workforce development
    • Internship program in partnership with Alaska Energy Industry
    • Enabling community energy managers.
  • Research to Operations
    • Support transition and integration of new technology into industry through partnerships, consulting, and product development.

Alaska Center for Energy and Power (ACEP) Website

UAA Business Enterprise Institute (BEI) logo

UAA Business Enterprise Institute (BEI)

University of Alaska Anchorage’s Business Enterprise Institute

Supporting business and entrepreneurial capacities across Alaska by linking economic development programs

The University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA) Business Enterprise Institute (BEI) links economic development programs across the University of Alaska (UA) system and supports businesses and entrepreneurial capacities across Alaska. BEI provides a platform for high-level consultancy between industries and UAA.

Business Enterprise Institute ARCTIC project efforts:

  • Design Sprints and Catalyzer events:
    • Early stage entrepreneurial challenge solving.
  • Startup School
    • Student accelerator to rapidly develop ideas into viable business models.
  • Entrepreneurial support
    • Coaching and Technical Assistance
  • Market and Sector Research:
    • Microgrid market analysis, cluster analysis, commercialization advancement.
  • Alaska Startups Internship Program:
    • Connecting University of Alaska students with startup market research and business development needs.

UAA Business Enterprise Institute (BEI) Website

Center ICE logo

Center ICE

University of Alaska Fairbanks’ Center for Innovation, Commercialization, and Entrepreneurship

Supporting the commercialization & deployment of new technology.

The Center for Innovation, Commercialization, and Entrepreneurship provides a pathway for university researchers to turn their ideas into business success. The mission of Center ICE is to help faculty and students commercialize their intellectual property, create spin-off companies, and get their products into the right hands, where they can change the world.

Center ICE Alaska ARCTIC project efforts:

  • Transition University of Alaska developed research and technology into the entrepreneur and startup ecosystem

  • Launch Pad:
    • Provide seed grants to support promising UA technologies and UA startup companies.
    • Support UA faculty & staff in licensing of technology, creating and partnering with businesses to develop technology into a product, and commercialization of those products.
  • Workforce Development:
    • Support student involvement in innovation and business.
  • Support incubation of novel products developed at University of Alaska through the Center ICE Innovation Hub.

  • ICE Maker Space:
    • Improve and provide access to facilities for new businesses: dry lab, conference rooms, wet lab, meeting space, intern pool, and seed funding.
  • Training & development:
    • seed innovation and support mentor engagement with entrepreneurs, seminars & workshops.

Center ICE Website

Launch Alaska logo

Launch Alaska

A business accelerator investing in scalable startups in food, water, transportation, and energy.

Accelerating the Resource Revolution

Launch Alaska is harnessing Alaska’s distinct mix of resources, markets, and opportunities, and works side by side with some of the world’s brightest startups to help them scale solutions to the planet’s hardest problems.

Launch Alaska’s ARCTIC program efforts include:

  • Recruitment of scalable startups in the energy resiliency market.
  • Demonstration projects
  • Support pipeline management
  • Support and expand Alaska entrepreneurial ecosystem:
    • Startup weekends, hackathons, innovation sprints and other events in the state.
  • Incubator program for pre- and post-launch stage businesses looking to scale up:
    • Customer Development Track
      • $75k Investment
      • 13 week program
      • Mentor ship & Networking
      • Coworking space
    • Demonstration Track
      • Funding up to $1 million
      • Technology field pilots
      • Technical assistance
      • Coworking space

Launch Alaska Website

Renewable Energy Alaska Project (REAP) logo

Renewable Energy Alaska Project (REAP)

Coalition of large and small Alaska utilities, businesses, conservation and consumer groups, Alaska Native organizations, and municipal, state and federal entities with an interest in developing Alaska’s vast renewable energy resources.

Advancing Clean Energy in Alaska

REAP’s mission is to increase the development of renewable energy and promote energy efficiency in Alaska through collaboration, education, training and advocacy. REAP is supporting ARTIC program efforts involving:

  • Training & Workforce Development
    • Networking between students, training programs, and industry
    • Support ARCTIC internship programs
    • Encourage industry to support and involve students
    • Identify next generation and evolution of energy jobs in Alaska
    • Support students involvement in innovation and industry
    • Evaluate and develop training techniques needed to transition existing workforce
  • K-12 STEM Education
    • Develop and delivery of energy curriculum in partnership with University
    • Teacher training
    • Develop metrics to evaluation the impact of energy education
  • Clean Energy Advocacy
    • Encourage community and industry connections and networking
    • Community wide energy literacy

Renewable Energy Alaska Project (REAP) Website