Where is the ARCTIC Program headed

Sustainable future for Alaska means investing in long-term capacity building.

Key short term goals

Public-Private partnerships

  • Establish clear roles & responsibilities and MOAs between the ARCTIC partners and key stakeholders in the program.
  • Diversify organizational funding beyond Office of Naval Research.
  • Improve collective communications and collaboration and cohesive storytelling.
  • Establish broader Department of Defense “stakeholder relationship”.

Market Insight

Establish Resiliency Map and identify current global market leaders & gap analysis.

Entrepreneurship, Incubation, Acceleration Activities

Licensing, improved capacities for Proof of Concept, SBIR/STTR leverage, and student accelerator and market analysis of similar microgrids.

Education, Research, Exchange

Resiliency Pipeline map, Establish UA industry liaison, create industry intern program, plan for certificate to masters programs around Energy and Grid resiliency.

Market Deployment

Ecosystem or “Resiliency Pipeline” map, identification of current “global” market leaders and gap analysis

Key mid-term goals:

Public-Private Partnership:

  • Develop contemporary research parks in Anchorage and Fairbanks.
  • Establish new finance mechanisms

Entrepreneurship, Incubation, Acceleration

  • Increased licensing, tech transfer, and create businesses.

Education, Research and Exchange

  • Advance a culture of innovation and excellence
  • Increased UA research funding partnered with industry
  • Expanded available education and research talent through attraction and retention

Market deployment:

  • Increased manufacturing
  • Reduced economic leakage

Long term goals:

Public-Private Partnership:

  • Adopted a progressive energy policy in support of new innovation and project development
  • Research park established and financially self-sustainable
  • Suite of financing options readily available to private firms

Market Insight:

  • Active global partnerships resulting in new revenues to Alaska
  • Recognized global microgrid and ARCTIC leader